Quid novi ex…?

Aterere.…I’ve just found a neat video plugin for Sky­pe (!) that enab­les the use of a web­cam in com­bi­na­ti­on with Sky­pe. Instal­la­ti­on is quick (even on older machi­nes) — the pro­gram­me requi­res Sky­pe to be online.

I bought my Logi­tech web­cam way back in 1999 in a spon­ta­ne­ous mood and actual­ly never used it. About three years ago, I gave it to A.-M. for use on her com­pu­ter. While in FR, I found my old web­cam in the pan­try (..) and also a brand new Logi­tech web­cam she got the other day among with her new DSL broad­band inet con­nec­tion. Hmm.
So I just hoo­ked up my San­yo XACTI to this (old) machi­ne here and tes­ted the plugin. And it works, maaaa­an, you know?! You know this could be.. aah-lot more aah ahh com­plex.. I mean its not just.. I mean it might not just be such a simp­le ah.. aah.. you know?

I guess we’­re in for some video chats. I’ve never done that so far and I think it’ll be about time to check it out. Sky­pe me! :-)

p.s.: more Sky­pe soft­ware add-on picks

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