the bathroom story

The other day I recei­ved an inspi­ring tele­pho­ne call by my dear friend A.-M. from Frei­burg in sou­thern Ger­ma­ny, who had been schoo­ling with me way back in Nai­ro­bi. She asked me to help her reno­va­te her awful 80s-sty­led bathroom, which had been left wit­hin a “light-brow­nish” sta­te sin­ce the mid 1980s. Knowing how much it means to enjoy your natu­re’s call or even a wel­co­med hot bat­hing ses­si­on in a comfy bathroom, I instant­ly took the next train from Bre­men to Frei­burg (~700kms) on a 39,- EUR ticket from Deut­sche Bahn.

Bad_vorher_1.jpg  Bad_vorher_2.jpg
The bathroom befo­re. Someo­ne had alrea­dy pain­ted the brown tiles on the walls with white paint, but it had come off again and loo­ked qui­te shit­ty. Time for a change.

The bathroom tur­ned out to be in need of a com­ple­te reno­va­ti­on, star­ting with a new basin and a new choo. Also, my dear friend A.-M. came up with this idea to chan­ge EVERYTHING, which made me to remo­ve the bath tub in a spon­ta­ne­ous mood and con­se­quent­ly and desper­ate­ly try­ing to find a new tub for home deli­very + some­w­how try­ing to arran­ge ever­ything (it has to be men­tio­ned, that I am com­ple­te­ly new to this reno­va­ti­on busi­ness and — as of yet — haven’t done anything like that befo­re. Tiles and this sort of stuff…).

Bad_vorher_3.jpg  Bad_vorher_4.jpg
The debris after some hours. Hey, anyo­ne in need of a second hand bath tub? :-)

Ati? Bath tub iko wapi?

Holes…nothing but a huge hole and no sho­wer sin­ce two days.…

After spen­ding like three days on shop­ping @ DIY-stores, we even­tual­ly found a good and cheap new bath tub and also bought ever­ything else we might need as well.…(I’ll come back with more pics once we’ll have some visu­al pro­gress here…)

Now — trans­port still see­med to be a pro­blem, but then: we did it our way…





How do you trans­port a 6ft bath tub in a FORD KA? You just do it!

==> pls. stay tun­ed for more.…