Life Straw

Life Straw

This water-purifier for instant use seems to be quite interesting:

>LifeStraw is a personal, low-cost water purification tool with a life time of 700 litres – approximately one year of water consumption for one person.<

[Found via gizmag]

Author: jke

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11 thoughts on “Life Straw”

  1. I have put together a medical team that is going to Haiti this January to put on a medical mission. The team members are all Volunteers that are paying for all their own expenses as well as colleting all the medical supplies thatr they will be using. This team will be backpacking into very remote villages in Haiti so the Life Straw Purifier would be of great inportance to not only the team members but al so for the villagers.

    Please advise me of how I can purchase the Life Straw Purifier.

    Randy Varain

  2. Please forward purchase info on Life Straw to supplement my year’s supply of emergency supplies.

    Dee Schmidt

  3. i am intersted detiled information to buying loife straw tool ,spesialy for poor community in our country at affordable pakistan.thanks

  4. My students and I are looking to donate money to an organziation. We just saw an article in Newsweek dated June 18, 2007 about “Water for the World.” We would like more information so that we can decide if we would like to donate or purchase these gadgets.

    Paula Cook

  5. i want to purchase life straw for poor community at affoardable price,tell me how i can do it..

  6. My students have voted to donate/raise money to buy these life straws but I need more information. Please get in touch.

  7. Dear Monika et all,

    this is a private blog. To purchase the Lifestraw, I suggest you get in contact with Vestergaard Frandsen, the company that came up with this special filter.

    Oh and btw, there are also other manufacturers of such filter straws…

  8. i am doing my research project on humanitarian efforts in africa and proving that the life straw is the best way to get clean water. and i need one so that i can test my predictions. so i would like to buy one. can you please email me the purchasing information?

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