25cm of…


..of WTF?

This beautiful watch was included in an auction for a used (aka remanufactured) Panansonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 camera by a popular seller from Malaysia on eBay.

The camera itself is a bit scratched and looks like a typical RMA-candidate to me, but hey – I’ll stick to it for the moment (= custom taxes, return shipping fee, time >> willing & able to invest at the moment). I guess they include these extra “FREE GIFTS!!!!” to a) cover up faulty cameras, b) get rid of it and c) make the package look like a gift (customs related issues).

The watch, however, is just a beauty. Maybe I should wrap this up and send it to someone special. Hehe… .-)

(wait….is that a lizard on the dial? omg! omg!)

Asiyefunzwa na mamaye, hufunzwa na ulimwengu.


As twittered earlier, these books shall enhance my chances for a seat at the Kenyan parliament (no work, taxfree income, free car) – or at least raise my mzungu status within the Kenyan blogosphere.

Now, would you please excuse me, I’ve got to teach some Kiuk to other Exilkenianer who were forced to leave home in 1982….

(I am really excited that I eventually managed to bring some of my books to Frankfurt – all in all 4 huge bags full of books, language material and other goodies I can’t enjoy online or via my computer. nice!).



entdeckt @ Post, Postbankfiliale Goetheplatz, Frankfurt am Main.

Streetart ist auch eine sehr charmante Form der Kunst. :-)

(to my English readers: that’s a “public property” streetart sticker on the entrance door to a Deutsche Post branch – right in the middle of Frankfurt downtown, the capital of money in Germany, in direct neighbourhood to all major banks in town + ex-Lehman Brothers building – friggin hilarious! :-)