Asiyefunzwa na mamaye, hufunzwa na ulimwengu.


As twittered earlier, these books shall enhance my chances for a seat at the Kenyan parliament (no work, taxfree income, free car) – or at least raise my mzungu status within the Kenyan blogosphere.

Now, would you please excuse me, I’ve got to teach some Kiuk to other Exilkenianer who were forced to leave home in 1982….

(I am really excited that I eventually managed to bring some of my books to Frankfurt – all in all 4 huge bags full of books, language material and other goodies I can’t enjoy online or via my computer. nice!).



entdeckt @ Post, Postbankfiliale Goetheplatz, Frankfurt am Main.

Streetart ist auch eine sehr charmante Form der Kunst. :-)

(to my English readers: that’s a “public property” streetart sticker on the entrance door to a Deutsche Post branch – right in the middle of Frankfurt downtown, the capital of money in Germany, in direct neighbourhood to all major banks in town + ex-Lehman Brothers building – friggin hilarious! :-)

How to know…

..that you’re dealing with someone who’s been to Africa:


Prahlad, the Nepalese intern, confirms that these (Made in China) umbrellas are also sold in Kathmandu, Nepal – but!, Ahabwe – the intern from Uganda who’s come to join us for the next two months – brought this typical low-budget umbrella (I’ve so far only seen abroad, but never in Europe) from Cape Town (SA) the other day.


That’s a lot of love for an umbrella that actually only costs EUR 2,40 (~ 30 ZAR) and isn’t available in Northern Europe (where the current weather suggests that umbrellas should be given out for free…).

I guess that’s what happens when you’re responsible for a wife and a baby and have to save on just about everything.

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