The Unfolding of yellow-orange books


Bought this book (2nd hand) about (some of the) Writing systems of Africa (by Saki Mafundikwa) because of Emeka’s tweet, EY’s post on Sokari’s blog and Jepchumba’s review.

Another book I’d like to mention is “The Unfolding of Language – The Evolution of Mankind’s Greatest Invention”, by Guy Deutscher (he’s a British guy, btw :-).


I could go on and give you a review on these books, tell you how the issue of ancient writing systems in Africa actually matters, how languages change(d) with time and that I suddendly felt a need to use this wonderful costruct “The Unfolding of..” for the headline, but I am actually busy procrastinating a very important task and also got hold of a kit (that) I’ll *need* to reassemble today, so stay tuned for another blog post from me today.

(“being busy procrastinating” – oh my, I love this oxymoron…)

Asiyefunzwa na mamaye, hufunzwa na ulimwengu.


As twittered earlier, these books shall enhance my chances for a seat at the Kenyan parliament (no work, taxfree income, free car) – or at least raise my mzungu status within the Kenyan blogosphere.

Now, would you please excuse me, I’ve got to teach some Kiuk to other Exilkenianer who were forced to leave home in 1982….

(I am really excited that I eventually managed to bring some of my books to Frankfurt – all in all 4 huge bags full of books, language material and other goodies I can’t enjoy online or via my computer. nice!).