Predictions for the next 20 Years

An unre­la­ted snapshot to gain the rea­der’s atten­ti­on. Here: his­to­ric sign as seen in Frank­furt-Fechen­heim that offers free sand­wi­ches to tra­vel­lers. Just as odd as this blog post may be. You’­re welcome.

Jack Sim, a Sin­g­a­po­re­an entre­pre­neur who also foun­ded the World Toi­let Orga­niz­a­ti­on in 2001 to rai­se awa­reness for impro­ved sani­ta­ti­on, recent­ly publis­hed the fol­lowing post on his public Face­book pro­fi­le. I am resha­ring it here on my blog becau­se I find it par­ti­cu­lar­ly inte­res­ting and true in many parts. The world as we know it right now will cer­tain­ly chan­ge wit­hin the next twen­ty years, and what inte­rests me the most isn’t the tech­no­lo­gi­cal chan­ge, but ins­tead how this will chan­ge our con­su­mer beha­viour and socie­ties in general.

Jack keeps on updating this list and it’s cer­tain­ly not com­ple­te, but for now, it’s a gre­at start and so let’s see how this will hold true in the com­ing years. Hight­ligh­t­ing in bold and links added by me.

My Pre­dic­tions for the next 20 Years:


1. The 4 bil­li­ons new cus­to­mers at the Base of Pyra­mid BOP will be the next Big Mar­ket­place. Sin­g­a­po­re will have to play a major role or lose out to Chi­na, Korea and Indo­ne­sia. Taobao type of vil­la­ges will spread worldwide.


2. Due to tech and AI, we need to train lear­ners to be bet­ter human and not bet­ter robots. School of Gump­ti­on type of edu­ca­ti­on tea­ching Curio­si­ty Cou­ra­ge Com­pas­si­on Col­la­bo­ra­ti­on Com­mit­ment and Calm­ness will beco­me main­stream in the OECD countries.


3. Eco­sys­tem Cross Sec­tors Approach will replace Apex lea­ders hei­rar­chi­cal orga­niz­a­ti­on struc­tures. Mar­kets effi­ci­en­cy will acce­le­ra­te till the poor have direct access to our for­mal mar­ket­place without loan sharks, gree­dy midd­le­men and get bad pri­ces from big cor­po­ra­ti­ons. The value added­ness of far­mers will be enhan­ced not by fair tra­de but buy direct tra­de, value chain inte­gra­ti­on through Coope­ra­ti­ves models.


4. Win­ners vs Losers model will lose appeal as Mill­en­ni­als want a fai­rer world. The world will adopt Femi­ni­ne Phi­lo­so­phy of faci­li­ta­ti­on as oppo­sed to Mas­cu­li­ne Phi­lo­so­phy of Conquest.


5. Sta­tus of a Bil­lion­aire will switch to reco­gni­ti­on of how many lives impro­ved ins­tead of how many dol­lars accumulated.


6. Human bein­gs will beco­me more huma­ne and caring as robots take over work to a vast extent. Trust will be easier with trans­pa­ren­cy from Block­chain and other tech.


7. Con­sump­ti­on Eco­no­my will switch to Sharing Eco­no­my. Don’t Buy when you don’t need. Don’t was­te will be a reco­gni­ti­on of virtues.


8. Gig eco­no­my of staff on-demand model will beco­me mainstream.


9. Taxa­ti­on and redis­tri­bu­ti­on of wealth returns to pur­po­se of Government to deli­ver equi­ty and impro­ving qua­li­ty of life.


10. Envi­ron­men­tal deple­ti­on will con­ti­nue until serious cli­ma­te cala­mi­ty is immi­nent and then the poli­ti­cal will and reac­tion will be drastic.


11. No com­pa­nies can attract any invest­ments if they do not focus on Envi­ron­ment, Social and Governance.

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