about that R.I.P. thing

I believe in Agape.

This week, one of my Twitter followers died way too early. It’s unknown why he died at such an early age in his late thirties, and the cause actually doesn’t really matter. What matters is that his voice will be missed among the many opinions out there. A qualified opinion that knew what The Net is all about.

Whenever I see people tweeting “R.I.P [$prominent person]”, I don’t take it as a standardised way of replying on a sudden or even expected death, but rather understand it that those who wish the “Rest In Peace” actually care about the dead person and his/her achievements.

The irony is that many letters of condolence regarding his death mentioned that they “had only known him online” – which really reminds me of my blogpost ex 2010 where I had asked about the real difference between these offline and online worlds. Obviously, there’s none in 2011 – because we value people by what they contribute and share with others. Offline or online.

When someone dies and leaves this world with a legacy of 400+ blog posts dedicated to the political strategy for the internet and explaining how it has meanwhile become part of our lives – well then I can only take my hat off to this guy and appreciate what he has left behind.

Activism really pays off. Have an opinion on something, contribute and share your thoughts. It’s all that matters.

Author: jke

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