Chrome flaps

On of Ger­many’s most popu­lar tech blog­gers (@Caschy) recent­ly publis­hed a noti­ce about Goog­le Chro­me 9 final on his blog — and atta­ched the fol­lowing Chro­me logo to the news…

Google Chrome 9 final Portable Google Chrome 9

..which I’ve mar­ked with red arrows, becau­se I’d like to know from YOU, dear rea­der, if you know what the­se sort of lan­ding gear flaps on the logo are all about (?).

Someo­ne on Caschy’s blog sug­gested it is part of the Jef­fe­ries-tubes, someo­ne else wro­te they are flaps for a micro­pho­ne and a camera.

Serious­ly, do you know why they’­re part of the Chro­me logo and wha­t’s the sto­ry behind them?