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How much would you spend on having the abi­li­ty to take a sho­wer in the Cen­tral Busi­ness District?

I was just going through Ken Banks’ flickr stream when I stumb­led upon the­se two mobi­le rech­ar­ging sta­ti­ons which I had seen ear­lier (it’s up sin­ce ~2 years) but only now I just rea­li­zed that SOMEONE urgent­ly needs to con­vert this into an Afri­Gad­ge­t/-Bia­s­ha­ra and com­bi­ne it with lockers for e.g. shoes and other facilities.

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(source: Ken Banks, kiwanja.net)

Tho­se of you who have been to cities like Nai­ro­bi know that a lot of peop­le actual­ly car­ry two pairs of shoes around — one for the road and one for the office. While working in Nbo, I often won­de­red why the­re are almost no public lockers avail­ab­le down­town that could be ren­ted and used by com­mu­ters to depo­sit stuff they usual­ly car­ry to the city on a dai­ly basis for the lack of secu­re alter­na­ti­ves. Yes, the­re are some alter­na­ti­ves avail­ab­le, but the­se are(afaik) often only con­nec­ted to super­mar­kets which means no 24h/7/365 avai­la­bi­li­ty of such services.

While the­se mobi­le rech­ar­ging towers may work in the UK or the US in such secu­red pla­ces (like air­ports), I am won­de­ring if this would also work in Nai­ro­bi if someo­ne invests some money on a mobi­le char­ging cubicle with extra lockers for shoes and other office clothes, may­be also addi­tio­nal­ly secu­red by a watch­man or someo­ne run­ning a kiosk.

What would it requi­re? And how much would it cost? And what kind of licen­ces would it requi­re from the local institutions?

For some rea­sons, David Kuria’s ecotact.org web­site is unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly off­line right now (so I can’t real­ly show you what I am tal­king about), but it would be nice to have much more Iko­toi­lets all over Nai­ro­bi. While I belie­ve that eco­lo­gi­cal sani­ta­ti­on pro­jects always requi­re a demand for fer­ti­li­zers from far­mers in semi-urban are­as, the Iko­toi­let as a 50% eco­san toi­let could be one of tho­se ide­al loca­ti­ons for such sto­rage facilities.

After all, it’s nice that con­su­mers can buy air­ti­me credit almost ever­y­whe­re in the coun­try, but the­re are hard­ly any pla­ces — even in cities — whe­re one can take a sho­wer after work, have a decent natu­re’s call or even use extra ser­vices like such lockers and mobi­le chargers.

The­re obvious­ly is a gre­at demand for such ser­vices / faci­li­ties — but how much would you be wil­ling to spend on it as a cus­to­mer and wha­t’s the ROI rate for poten­ti­al inves­tors? I hope to find some ans­wers to the­se ques­ti­ons one day…

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