Some­thing tells me that this gad­ge­timo­ja will beco­me very popu­lar in some parts of Kenya.…


AOB: my first post from Ubun­tu! Ear­lier this week, a col­league of mine asked me which fire­wall soft­ware he should use next to his Avi­ra anti­vi­rus scan­ner on WinXP. I told him to try Ubun­tu ins­tead if all he does is sur­fing the web + some office tasks. Why? Becau­se it may just be what he needs.
As for me, I’ve swit­ched from Kubun­tu (KDE 3.x + 4.x) back to Ubun­tu (Gno­me) ear­lier this week as I rea­li­zed that Ubun­tu is what I need on my lap­top here. A per­fect alter­na­ti­ve to WinXP. The only thing I dis­li­ke about Ubun­tu & Co so far is that it real­ly only makes sen­se if you have an inter­net con­nec­tion that pro­vi­des enough band­width for updates (I am still to figu­re out how to down­load updates to an off­line repo­si­to­ry). Slow­ly swit­ching from WinXP to Ubun­tu appar­ent­ly also inclu­des the rea­liz­a­ti­on that a limi­ted avai­la­bi­li­ty of pro­gramms (see also Apple Mac) isn’t necessa­ri­ly that bad. Hey, it even con­nects to my pho­ne! And prin­ter installation.…wooohaaa! 25 minu­tes / 800 MB soft­ware packa­ge to install an AIO HP Office­Jet 7210 prin­ter wit­hin WinXP, but less than one minu­te wit­hin Ubun­tu. Sure, this will only cover the dri­ver, but then — even the dri­ver packa­ge alo­ne is ~70MB on WinXP.

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