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Right, it’s Nokia’s CP-218 wrist band that currently sells at 7,99 EUR and moves your (GPS enabled and mp3 playing) phone to one of your arms/wrists.

With such a dead simple design, it’s almost crying for a DIY approach. But then….why bother if you can buy it?
Comes with an extra hole for headphones and just adds value to any portable device you’ll want to carry around while doing sports.

AOB: LINK OF THE DAY! ==> Opera@USB , a portable version of the popular Opera browser for use on your USB / flash drive. Totally awesome speed, comes with great features and is a must-have on my collection of portable tools on a flash drive.

Author: jke

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2 thoughts on “CP-218”

  1. Ist das nicht so ein 80er-Jahre Schweissarmband? Was man um’s Handgelenk trug, damit’s sportlich aussieht? Trug man beim Breakdance.

  2. 1. Looks like a sock, feels like a sock, quacks like a sock. Must be a sock.

    2. Cotton? It should be made from a synthetic, sweat-whisking material. Easier to wash, lighter than cotton. Cheaper?

    3. 7.99 EUR? 16 USD???

    4. If used on the wrist, does it provide access to screen/controls?

    5. Just how safe is it for running? Seems to me it can slip out, or juggle around inside, very easily.

    6. We’re forgetting the ladies–does it come in other colors?

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