I’ve (eventually) just watched “The Inconvenient Truth” for the first time and learned that:

Apple MacBooks (Pro) seem to be great.

Seriously, what’s so special about this documentary?

[The film’s director] Guggenheim, who was skeptical at first, later saw the presentation for himself, stating that he was “blown away,” and “left after an hour and a half thinking that global warming [was] the most important issue. . . . I had no idea how you’d make a film out of it, but I wanted to try,” he said.

Sorry folks, but – as much as I appreciate activism and Al Gore’s commendable approach to inform ppl “city by city” – I think the film’s main purpose is to inform ppl about an already happening climate change and that they themselves can and have to do something about it. I think he even says that during the film.

If it takes such an approach – fine, good job, Mr Gore.

But where’s the news*? Oh, wait – someone just told me: “THAT already IS big news for the USA.”

Ok, now I got it.

(*here = putting these alternatives or positive aspects in focus instead of just showing what’s so bad about climate change. Me thinks we’ll need more documentaries on how change has already been implemented by normal folks like you or me and what we can do to further improve it.
Also, I’m just surprised that the whole world (ok, ./. the USA) is already talking about these issues since the publication of “The Silent Spring” in 1962 and yet only through a much celebrated and half-baked documentary this important issue is put in front of iPhone-loving consumers in the US who apparently need a multimedia slide-show to understand the danger of a climate change and on the other hand – as a majority – hardly ever question the impacts their industrial progress has had on the environment in the past.
I also think that the environment will not only be saved by reducing our emmissions, but also by changing our products and the way we consume stuff every day. Such an important message though isn’t conveyed in the documentary, so my criticism is towards this and that Al Gore or rather the filmmaker didn’t use the opportunity to even provide much more “what YOU can do to help”-approaches/messages once everyone is already listening/watching. For instance, this “run for congress”-appeal is only shown in the end titles /credits of the documentary. Why?).

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  1. You are right the whole world has already gotten it except the USA either that or they are in a state of denial. Stopping climate change is not about a few celebrities driving a Toyota Prius (which they proudly park next to a gas guzzling Hummer!)

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