I’ve (even­tual­ly) just wat­ched “The Incon­ve­ni­ent Truth” for the first time and lear­ned that:

Apple Mac­Books (Pro) seem to be great.

Serious­ly, wha­t’s so spe­cial about this documentary?

[The fil­m’s direc­tor] Gug­gen­heim, who was skep­ti­cal at first, later saw the pre­sen­ta­ti­on for hims­elf, sta­ting that he was “blown away,” and “left after an hour and a half thin­king that glo­bal war­ming [was] the most important issue.… I had no idea how you’d make a film out of it, but I wan­ted to try,” he said.

Sor­ry folks, but — as much as I appre­cia­te acti­vism and Al Gore’s com­mend­a­ble approach to inform ppl “city by city” — I think the fil­m’s main pur­po­se is to inform ppl about an alrea­dy hap­pe­ning cli­ma­te chan­ge and that they them­sel­ves can and have to do some­thing about it. I think he even says that during the film.

If it takes such an approach — fine, good job, Mr Gore.

But whe­re’s the news*? Oh, wait — someo­ne just told me: “THAT alrea­dy IS big news for the USA.”

Ok, now I got it.

(*here = put­ting the­se alter­na­ti­ves or posi­ti­ve aspects in focus ins­tead of just showing wha­t’s so bad about cli­ma­te chan­ge. Me thinks we’ll need more docu­men­ta­ries on how chan­ge has alrea­dy been imple­men­ted by nor­mal folks like you or me and what we can do to fur­ther impro­ve it.
Also, I’m just sur­pri­sed that the who­le world (ok, ./. the USA) is alrea­dy tal­king about the­se issu­es sin­ce the publi­ca­ti­on of “The Silent Spring” in 1962 and yet only through a much cele­bra­ted and half-baked docu­men­ta­ry this important issue is put in front of iPho­ne-loving con­su­mers in the US who appar­ent­ly need a mul­ti­me­dia sli­de-show to under­stand the dan­ger of a cli­ma­te chan­ge and on the other hand — as a majo­ri­ty — hard­ly ever ques­ti­on the impacts their indus­tri­al pro­gress has had on the envi­ron­ment in the past.
I also think that the envi­ron­ment will not only be saved by redu­cing our emmis­si­ons, but also by chan­ging our pro­ducts and the way we con­su­me stuff every day. Such an important mes­sa­ge though isn’t con­vey­ed in the docu­men­ta­ry, so my cri­ti­cism is towards this and that Al Gore or rather the filmma­ker did­n’t use the oppor­tu­ni­ty to even pro­vi­de much more “what YOU can do to help”-approaches/messages once ever­yo­ne is alrea­dy listening/watching. For instance, this “run for congress”-appeal is only shown in the end tit­les /credits of the docu­men­ta­ry. Why?).

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