Asiyekuwepo na lake halipo


“This pri­va­te blog is pre­sent­ly not open becau­se it is clo­sed” JKE

…for some rea­sons I just love this pic abo­ve [via, thx!] and may­be also becau­se it per­fect­ly hel­ps to illus­tra­te my silence aka blog-absti­nence ear­lier this week — due to this:


Approx. 4kgs of papers rela­ted to the beau­ti­ful sub­ject of hydrof******mechanics — an exam I had been pro­cras­ti­na­ting sin­ce 2004 (!) and even­tual­ly maneeeee­gehhhd to passssss. :-)

Can u ima­gi­ne I even car­ri­ed this mate­ri­al to EAK the other day?

Kawia ufi­ke.

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