Kwenda mbio siyo kufika

Maybe it’s just me and my way of looking for the core information on websites that goes beyond the usual marketing blabla – but could it be true that there have been various Kenyan websites coming up lately that actually do NOT have any serious content? Or at least not much more than what the webdesigner had initially put up online and has since been waiting for a content update (to be published online)?

Where are those content editors out there? Do I smell a job opportunity out there for young folks? Ppl who will help companies and organisations to edit their message for online publishing?

Am asking because I sometimes come across such websites where I think: aah, ok, these guys just had some extra funds and wanted to be online for no apparent reason and actually haven’t thought about what to put online. Makes me think of Ayittey and the leaking bowl…

Author: jke

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3 thoughts on “Kwenda mbio siyo kufika”

  1. How so true. A company I worked for in Kenya, still has the scrolling marquee I put before I left!! That was years ago!

  2. What makes it funny is that the marquee reads, ” click here to read our latest newsletter” :) And the newsletter is the last I put. double lol.

  3. Content is unkenyan. But functionality, working links and service are even far more unkenyan.


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