Kwenda mbio siyo kufika

May­be it’s just me and my way of loo­king for the core infor­ma­ti­on on web­sites that goes bey­ond the usu­al mar­ke­ting bla­bla — but could it be true that the­re have been various Ken­y­an web­sites com­ing up late­ly that actual­ly do NOT have any serious con­tent? Or at least not much more than what the web­de­si­gner had initi­al­ly put up online and has sin­ce been wai­t­ing for a con­tent update (to be publis­hed online)?

Whe­re are tho­se con­tent edi­tors out the­re? Do I smell a job oppor­tu­ni­ty out the­re for young folks? Ppl who will help com­pa­nies and orga­ni­sa­ti­ons to edit their mes­sa­ge for online publishing?

Am asking becau­se I some­ti­mes come across such web­sites whe­re I think: aah, ok, the­se guys just had some extra funds and wan­ted to be online for no appa­rent rea­son and actual­ly haven’t thought about what to put online. Makes me think of Ayit­tey and the lea­king bowl…

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