11 years later

ALL those years of trying to get my (how do I say this delicately?) “non-internet-nerd”-friends online and/or joining alumni websites (also since I had created a website for my former school in 1997 and had seen some alumni sites coming and going since then) — and then FACEBOOK comes along and all those long lost “friends” from “back in the days” are suddenly unearthing from their Mid20s-college-university -freedom-chaos -sabbatical to reunite on this evil online network.

WTF, really.

“OH, so what have you been up to during all those years?” – “Well, I have been online since then, waiting for you ******** ********* joining this online world and now the dumbest social network of all (besides of MySpace) with its walled garden policies and overrated hype eventually gives you reason enough to jump on the bandwagon?”.

filed under: I am cool & u r not. sigh.

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at Saniblog.org. You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

3 thoughts on “11 years later”

  1. I’m a handsome enough dude, but I refuse to join Facebook, Myspace or those f**king video resume/CV options on job sites!!!

    File this under “TMI”:

    A friend’s dad divorced his wife of over 30 years. Hmmm, why? He met a new lady…on MySpace. Yes, my friends, a woman he never actually met, but have been having a cyber-romance for months, and he falls in love with, and up and leaves the missus.

    Based on this, I will *never* have a MySpace page!

    Look for ‘Limericist’ on Myspace. He lists himself as married–perhaps his newfound love have tied a cyber-knot?

    “The horror……The horror…”

  2. FB ist doch so’n Dreck! (Von Myspace sprechen wir mal besser nicht). Ich verstehe es ebenfalls nicht was an FB so toll ist das es alle nutzen. Die ganzen 1000ende Anwendungen zu denen ich ständig eingeladen werde – was soll ich damit? Ich befürchte schon immer das ich das ganze einfach nicht verstehe…, aber es ist wohl einfach wirklich eine grottige Plattform.

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