11 years later

ALL tho­se years of try­ing to get my (how do I say this deli­ca­te­ly?) “non-inter­net-nerd”-friends online and/or joi­ning alum­ni web­sites (also sin­ce I had crea­ted a web­site for my for­mer school in 1997 and had seen some alum­ni sites com­ing and going sin­ce then) — and then FACEBOOK comes along and all tho­se long lost “friends” from “back in the days” are sud­den­ly uneart­hing from their Mid20s-col­le­ge-uni­ver­si­ty ‑free­dom-cha­os ‑sab­ba­ti­cal to reu­ni­te on this evil online network.

WTF, real­ly.

“OH, so what have you been up to during all tho­se years?” — “Well, I have been online sin­ce then, wai­t­ing for you ******** ********* joi­ning this online world and now the dum­best social net­work of all (bes­i­des of MyS­pace) with its wal­led gar­den poli­ci­es and over­ra­ted hype even­tual­ly gives you rea­son enough to jump on the bandwagon?”.

filed under: I am cool & u r not. sigh.

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