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Got me a new toy – a “Battery Powered Cordless Soldering Iron” from Weller:


The tip has a diameter of 0,4mm and the packaging says it reaches up to 480°C on the tip, but well….most of these little tips are just hot for a second and then the next second the heat has already dropped by 20°C…


I’ve used it on the motherboard of an HP laptop – these coils next to the Southbridge chip (big bottom chip with that sticker on top) needed some resoldering and I really hope that they were the cause for the malfunctioning of this motherboard – otherwise…sijui.

The three AA-batteries inside the Cordless Soldering Iron won’t last for ages, but this little gadget sure helps to fix a few dots on the board and also it wasn’t that expensive so I’m not really as disappointed as I was afraid to be.

Once I can afford it, I will buy this! :-)

Author: jke

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2 thoughts on “my new toy”

  1. About 2 years ago, I bought this then about 6 weeks later, a friend borrowed it. I never even really got to use it.

    If you reading this Migwi, bring my soldering iron back!!

  2. Since you seem to be the kind of person who repair your motherboard, would you have any idea of someone in Kenya/Nairobi capable of making a PC to the specifications below? Your advice would certainly be appreciated.
    Intel Q9450 – overclocked to 3.6-3.8 GHz
    Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme heatsink with 120mm fan
    eVga 780i (replace northbridge fan with 90mm fan)
    2×2 GB DDR2 RAM 1066+ PC8500 (5-5-5-15)
    thermalright hr-07 heatsink + 93mm fan
    e-GeForce 8800GTX 768MB Superclocked or similar nvidia 8800 gtx 768mb,
    overclocked to ultra speed or more (Core Clock: 630 MHz, Shader Clock:
    1500 MHz, Memory Clock: 900MHz=2000 MHz effective)
    Gigabyte Odin 800 GT power supply
    2x western digital caviar se 640GB raid 1
    Antec p182 case (black) + 2 extra 120mm fans (optional front and mid fans)
    Vista 64 bit
    cheap dvd
    Motherboard: if eVga 780i not available, quote price for Gigabyte
    GA-X38-DQ6 or ASUS Maximus Formula.
    Cooling: Optional Gigabyte 3D Galaxy II Liquid Cooling with Blue Eye
    VGA Cooling Block (or better cooling, possibly radiator with 3 or
    4×120 mm fans)

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