Cheetahs at work

…it is an infor­mal sett­le­ment, not an illegal.

We had approa­ched the mayor with a detail­ed base­li­ne stu­dy of all pro­blems, sor­ted to their prio­ri­ty and asked him for help. He replied that “it’s an ille­gal sett­le­ment”. — “No”, I then replied, “it is not, it’s just infor­mal. Sir, you always use this explana­ti­on as an excu­se, yet when it comes to the elec­tions, you go to the­se pii­poll in the infor­mal sett­le­ment and ask for the votes”.

We then collec­ted money in the com­mu­ni­ty and regis­tered the sett­le­ment so that pro­gress isn’t stop­ped by such bureau­cra­tic hurdles.

- my col­league Obed Kawan­ge from Zam­bia on his work back home

It’s always nice to see how pii­poll react when you show them this video. :-)

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