cms + offline edition, anyone?

I am currently looking for a suitable Content Management System (CMS) for a website which is able to create an offline version of all pages to be run directly from a CD or DVD.

The only working solution I can currently think of is something where you’d have a (virtual) local server running which then provides the dynamics for an attached database, but I was hoping that maybe someone out there knows a better solution, maybe something where a script creates static versions of each page and then copies them into a folder (~ cron job every night).

Joomla? Drupal? Typo3? Anyone?

Any help is appreciated! Thx.

Author: jke

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One thought on “cms + offline edition, anyone?”

  1. Seems like a nice usecase for GoogleGears? An other option would be to run a CMS on a local server (e.g. PC or Intranet) and only publish a static HTML-Site to the web every time you change your local site. You could probably also put up a cron with wget and create a static version – as you already mentioned. I have no idea whether there is a CMS or sth. that has such a function built in…

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