“You can die for no reason”

Just a few videos of (on?) the terror. Kudos to everyone who has uploaded videos online.

[youtube stqvmNDs5PQ]

[youtube nnTAviLuk1Y]

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[youtube TfeD5mnLbBI]

[youtube 7QLodniW0qY]
(featuring Mutua)

[youtube Hb5kYO9-lUA]
Who’s the President of Kenya?

AlJazeera’s Inside Story Part 1 & 2
[youtube c7QMwdCDiU8]

[youtube 4SbzV5eOCH4]

aka: how to destroy a country within 3 weeks. Man, I am so lost for words on this. The dumbest and also saddest thing I have seen in 2008.

Quote of the Day:

“Using propaganda, violence, threats and disruptions of the way of life of God fearing and peace abiding Kenyans, is not the right away to express unhappiness. ..The Government is very open to dialogue and it is sad to see leaders choosing to lead their supporters in burning of vehicles, destruction of property and molesting of women and children instead of sitting down for dialogue with Government.” (Dr. Alfred N. Mutua)”

What’s a government that doesnt give a shit about its people?

Edit: Bottom line of all this is – to me – that none of the candidates *deserve* to be in a government as they have once again clearly failed to provide leadership in moments when it is urgently required.

Even IF Kibaki was elected with a majority of votes and even IF Odinga will never be the President of Kenya for one reason or another and even IF Kalonzo’s only aim was to sneak into a leading position -? who cares? Do YOU care about who’s picture is on the wall?

What I do care about is security, (innocent) ppl being robbed of their rights and of any trust in democracy. I do care when ppl are killing each other just because of aggregated aggressions.? To me all this post election violence is because some guys in Kenya thought to take us for a huge ride. As if we were brainless! And Kibaki and his folks knew exactly what they’d be triggering with such actions. For the sake of your country – would you be willing to let a few hundred people die just because you want to be in power?

Any person with some brain cells will clearly figure out that most Kenyan “leaders” have completely betrayed the People of Kenya. And this although there a thousands of smart & young people out there who have the balls to act as real leaders.

@the USA: you guys get rid of George W. Bush & his regime first before you come to Kenya.

@the EU: what a shame that they froze aid to Kenya. This is so typical of the narrow-minded parliamentarians in the EU. And there you go wondering why the Icarus of Kenya calls it “blackmailing” (see video above).

My appreciation goes out to those people out there in Kenya who continue struggling under these circumstances and who are even willing or able to provide help to those who need it the most at this time. These are the real heroes or even leaders to me. Respect!

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