“You can die for no reason”

Just a few vide­os of (on?) the ter­ror. Kudos to ever­yo­ne who has uploa­ded vide­os online.

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(fea­turing Mutua)

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Who’s the Pre­si­dent of Kenya?

AlJa­ze­er­a’s Insi­de Sto­ry Part 1 & 2
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[you­tube 4SbzV5eOCH4]

aka: how to des­troy a coun­try wit­hin 3 weeks. Man, I am so lost for words on this. The dum­best and also sad­dest thing I have seen in 2008.

Quo­te of the Day:

“Using pro­pa­gan­da, vio­lence, thre­ats and dis­rup­ti­ons of the way of life of God fea­ring and peace abi­ding Ken­yans, is not the right away to express unhap­pi­ness. ..The Government is very open to dia­lo­gue and it is sad to see lea­ders choo­sing to lead their sup­por­ters in bur­ning of vehi­cles, dest­ruc­tion of pro­per­ty and moles­ting of women and child­ren ins­tead of sit­ting down for dia­lo­gue with Government.” (Dr. Alfred N. Mutua)”

Wha­t’s a government that doesnt give a shit about its people?

Edit: Bot­tom line of all this is — to me — that none of the can­di­da­tes *deser­ve* to be in a government as they have once again clear­ly fai­led to pro­vi­de lea­ders­hip in moments when it is urgent­ly required.

Even IF Kibaki was elec­ted with a majo­ri­ty of votes and even IF Odin­ga will never be the Pre­si­dent of Kenya for one rea­son or ano­t­her and even IF Kal­on­zo’s only aim was to sneak into a lea­ding posi­ti­on -? who cares? Do YOU care about who’s pic­tu­re is on the wall?

What I do care about is secu­ri­ty, (inno­cent) ppl being rob­bed of their rights and of any trust in demo­cra­cy. I do care when ppl are kil­ling each other just becau­se of aggre­ga­ted aggres­si­ons.? To me all this post elec­tion vio­lence is becau­se some guys in Kenya thought to take us for a huge ride. As if we were brain­less! And Kibaki and his folks knew exact­ly what they’d be trig­ge­ring with such actions. For the sake of your coun­try — would you be wil­ling to let a few hund­red peop­le die just becau­se you want to be in power?

Any per­son with some brain cells will clear­ly figu­re out that most Ken­y­an “lea­ders” have com­ple­te­ly betray­ed the Peop­le of Kenya. And this alt­hough the­re a thousands of smart & young peop­le out the­re who have the balls to act as real leaders.

@the USA: you guys get rid of Geor­ge W. Bush & his regime first befo­re you come to Kenya.

@the EU: what a shame that they fro­ze aid to Kenya. This is so typi­cal of the nar­row-min­ded par­lia­men­ta­ri­ans in the EU. And the­re you go won­de­ring why the Ica­rus of Kenya calls it “black­mai­ling” (see video above).

My appre­cia­ti­on goes out to tho­se peop­le out the­re in Kenya who con­ti­nue struggling under the­se cir­cum­s­tan­ces and who are even wil­ling or able to pro­vi­de help to tho­se who need it the most at this time. The­se are the real heroes or even lea­ders to me. Respect!

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