Qik. Strea­ming video right from your phone.

Saw some live coverage from the Mac­World ear­lier this week whe­re ppl used this ser­vice to direct­ly stream video from their pho­ne to qik.com. Some­thing like You­Tube, but with the dif­fe­rence that ever­ything is strea­med live from the pho­ne (Nokia N95) onto their ser­vers. Mea­ning: you’ll need a decent broad­band net­work con­nec­ti­vi­ty for this to work fine.

(brow­ser screen­shot via browsershots.org)

Signed up for this ser­vice (which is still alpha) on tues­day evening and just recei­ved an invi­ta­ti­on. Don’t know about 3G speed out­side, but here @home with DSL 2048 kbit/s down & 192 kbit/s up maxi­mum speed it’s just very char­ming. Haai­aa. Will need to test it again out­side tomor­row in day­light and see how it is performing.

And yes, I am bit shy on came­ra. Tha­t’s why I haven’t real­ly made use of see­smic so far (the “video twit­ter”). You may have seen it in action ear­lier last mon­th when Robert Sco­ble blog­ged about it.

Why is it inte­res­ting? After all, I wouldnt want to put mys­elf online. It’s inte­res­ting becau­se a) it enab­les true LIVE coverage and b) memo­ry space is limi­ted on some pho­nes, so with a ser­vice like this, ppl can just report until the bat­te­ry is drai­ned. As for the “live” part: I pres­sed the F5 key to refresh the user page right after I had stop­ped record­ing and the­re it was, my video. Dead simple.

Which pho­nes are supported?
The latest Nokia ran­ge, imho tho­se who are based on the S60v3 platform.

Citi­zen Media, here we come… muahahahaha!

(video isnt inclu­ded at this time as i just can’t stand the way the “embed object” code is imple­men­ted in WP + my video plugin doesnt sup­port qik so far..)

EDIT: Loic just twit­te­red that See­smic is now com­pa­ti­ble with mobi­le pho­nes via Shozu.com. Sho­zu! Has anyo­ne tried it so far? Had it run­ning on my mobi­le some mon­th ago but it quick­ly drai­ned the bat­te­ry, also due to some auto­start scripts that load when the pho­ne boots (!) up. — I guess all the­se tools only make sen­se when your pho­ne is wit­hin a 3G or bet­ter net­work and when ever­ything is inter­con­nec­ted, i.e. feeds that pull con­tent from your various mul­ti­me­dia resour­ces online and aggre­ga­te them on your blog. Should be an inte­res­ting task for a WP plugin (hint, hint :-).…some­thing that pulls con­tent from your video & micro­blog­ging plat­forms and crea­tes a blog post out of it. In short: what I would like to have is a smooth way to blog-on-the-go and have it appe­ar on my own blog (and not some­whe­re on flickr, vox, see­smic, qik, You­Tube, etc.). Pos­si­ble? May­be one day (soon).

EDIT 2: QIK works fine even via a nor­mal (= slow) GPRS con­nec­tion! Awe­so­me. I will use it more often now.

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