4 thoughts on “@ Emilio Stanley”

  1. Perhaps this should teach some men to respect the woman of the house and yes that goes to all the men out there who are busy having “the other woman” on the side.Hey your male friend might mistakenly call your wife “wambui” since they see “wambui” more than the lucy since lucy is the wife to stay in the kitchen while “wambui” is the entertainer . Perhaps your Kiku “this is why” phrase should be replaced by ‘this is the reason why I /MEN should stick to one woman if not, stay single and roam around..

    Hey if now I slap a man around, they better know not to complain I learnt from te best mama wa taifa herself and on Jamhuri day , that spices the slap even more :-))! and you know what they say “mama knows best” rofl….

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