basement trouvaille

Earlier last week, I found an old guitar in the basement of my current landlord:

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20082007025 20082007026

“What’s the story on this one?”, I asked the couple that owns this house full of interesting stuff. “Aaahh….we got it some 15 years ago, inherited it from an aunt who loved playing it and since no one’s playing guitar in our family, we just kept it in the basement for no particular reason. Actually, we already wanted to throw it away…”. – “Well, I do play guitar..”, I replied, “is it ok if I have a closer look at it and, uhm, maybe refurbish it?”“Yeah, sure, go ahead..”“Coooool…”

So I rescued it from the moisture downstairs and completely dismantled it, cleaned it with some basic tools and tried to repair it by stapling the crack on the back and adding a new bridge + 1 new bridge pin.
[guitar owners & luthier – pls look away now :-)]

25082007064 25082007063

25082007065 25082007070
25082007068 25082007071

Lot’s of fun for just EUR 7,20 and, best of all: a working guitar with a superb sound that helps me enjoying those particular moments when I just feel the urge of playing along to my most favourite tunes…

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