Kibera Public Space Project


What an awesome use of the blogosphere to highlight this important fact!

(n.b.: the displayed toilet seats (to convey the message)? are flushing toilets which are _not_ environmentally sustainable, but only add some comfort. hence “progress” is _not_ achieved by introducing a working sewarage system that relies on water to flush away faeces and urine, but instead something simpler like Ventilated Pit Latrines which at least offer more sustainability than flushing toilets. unfortunately, it seems, no system is 100% sustainable so far, and, obviously, _anything_ else but flying toilets is welcome to improve the sanitary situation in places like Kibera…)

[via MB, thx]

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  1. Interesting, but much too cryptic and abbreviated to be understood. Another self-serving website for those who make it. Bad job. *Sigh*

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