datasheets 2.0?

Is there any software solution available that generates datasheets (e.g. in PDF format) out of a database content within a given style template?

Or should this be realized by web technologies such as a CMS + database + CSS templates with the already given “save this page as PDF”-button?

I am asking because currently, ppl here? are compiling? technical datasheets in a three column MS Word document (with some sample pictures), exporting it into PDF with a proprietary PDF tool by Adobe (which of course isnt installed on all computers but instead only on one machine? due to licence costs…) and then have to beg the corporate webmaster to include the file into the weekly uploading batch.

Any hints are much appreciated. Thx!

Author: jke

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4 thoughts on “datasheets 2.0?”

  1. @PHP: InfoPath? Does it also work online via a website?

    @Josiah: eh, OO is nice lakini our IT here does not allow the installation of other software (unless of course you run it from off the stick, what I’ve done in the past and/or using an online pdf converter).

    @Steve: thx! Crystal Reports looks good. Will have a look at it.


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