anglo- & francosphere?

We’ve been talking about this some time ago over at Hash’ website: the unknown? potential that gets lost while ppl are busy developing (double) content for something I would like to describe as the anglosphere and the francosphere.? Two worlds that co-exist and? ? generate their own dynamics.

Is it so?

And if so, will there be any attempts within the blogosphere (at least) to unite these two worlds separated by language barriers?

I don’t know how they solve it in West Africa (comments plz), but when I look at Europe alone at this given moment – Germany, France, England – although neighbouring countries and empires for ages, the language barrier still exists. Especially when it comes to the folks on the ground – bloggers, for instance. How many bloggers in Germany or the UK actually read french blogs? Yes?

And given my assumptions are true, what do you – dear readers – think? Should there be any umoja-styled website for “all Africans”? Not because of any false & ancient? “Africa is a nice country”-perspective, but because of the missing potential that gets lost whenever smart brains contribute similar content in their own languages.

Author: jke

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