professionaaaal titooools

So I caught myself updating my profiles on and (isn’t that enough already? facebook, twitter & co for private stuff, xing & linkedin for the pro section?) and realized that I actually can’t think of any professional title, something like an instant keyword that describes my job.

Well, which job? My rummaging here, here, here, here and here?

And what do I put there?

a) what I learned? (~industrial manager, oil business)

b) what I studied? (~ environmental & civil engineering, with an emphasis on sustainable waste (water) management & eco-efficient product design)

c) what I’ve been employed for in the past? (~ list too long)

d) what I actually did ? (~ office “best boy”)

e) what I consider myself? (~ imagineering dude)

f) my current job description? (~ intern)

g) what I am currently doing? (~ editing technical datasheets & setting up a CMS)

h) ……?

As for those social network platforms online, I’ve started? mentioning my own (imaginary) company called Kikuyumoja Inc.. Job description: “optimizing idle time”. The dude abides…

AOB: thx GoogleAdSense for adsensing my blog with “composting toilets” and “biological dry toilets”!

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