nationalism & the 21st century in Germany

What’s this?


A print ad on polo shirts which are decorated with flags (I’ve just added the white arrows).

Interesting to note, though: you would probably never come across such a shirt with a German flag on it, unless it is a soccer shirt. That is, I also can’t imagine anyone wearing such a polo shirt.

There’s something wrong with this country since 1945 1919, I think.

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4 thoughts on “nationalism & the 21st century in Germany”

  1. I don’t get it. Is the ad german?
    If not, then please think of the target group of this ad. german immigrants? tourists with germany as favorite country? another motivation could be sports, but you already wrote about that.

    why is china not on one of this shirts? please list all other countrys that are not mentioned in this ad. ^^
    (the resolution is very small, i only recognize brazil, greece, spain, australia (or new zealand) and italy (or france ^^)

    maybe this inconspicuousness is better than that:

    and if you want some flag shirts (which i dont like, cause nationalism is lame):

  2. The Germans have it right. Flags are for buring not for waving. Whenever you see the flags come out, some serious plot is afoot to deceive or brainwash the little people.

    Nationalism is not only lame, it is a gateway to racism and the violent suppression of minorities. Anyone seen a video of a Nuremburg rally? See how important national symbols were then?

  3. Sorry, Emmo, but that’s a naive and narrow-minded belief. Only a German could say something like that.

    A national flag represents the common togetherness of a people, common belief, common culture, and many other things of the like, and is definitely NOT for burning. To burn a flag is nothing but demonstrated defiance of other people’s values, as well as a primitive gesture of indignifying another culture. It’s on the same level as destroying religious symbols. Only primitive mobs do that sort of thing.
    Does it occur to you, that it is exactly those “influenced little people” you’re talking about, who stand in a big crowd, shouting slogans, burning flags, spitting at photographs, throwing stones, and behaving like uncivilized primates?

    I’m not going to go into details of explaining what the value and purpose of a nation is – if you don’t know, you won’t understand anyway.

    As for your point about the “Nuremburg rally”: Guess what nation liberated you from that regime. In case you didn’t know, the USA, England, France or the former Soviet Union would all kick your butt more or less hard if you go anywhere near to insulting their national symbols.

    What bugs me about guys like you, is that you like to enjoy all the benefits of your rich nation, you complain about any little piece of social benefit that you may have to give up, you have no existential worries whatsoever, and then you have the nerve to say that it’s all “lame” and “brainwashing” and whatever else. So why don’t anarchists like you just burn your passport instead (your ticket into the world of the well-fed moralists) and get the hell out? There would be many places where you’d be welcome instead.

    But don’t you come and grab what you think is your god-given right, and at the same moment talk about “violent suppression”.

    You stupid fuck!

  4. In Anlehnung an ein Zitat von Heinrich Heine über das Verbrennen von Büchern:
    „Das war ein Vorspiel nur, dort wo man Flaggen verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am Ende Menschen.”

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