…so I was tagged by Irene, who has resumed her blogging career once again, and confronted me with the question “what’s on your desk?”.

While her ideas are born in her fav corner – her desk – my thinktank is the shower. Not those cold ones I had in Embu, though, but that’s another story… ^^

My desk…well…me I don’t have a desk. I consider myself a technomade to some extent, so of course I’ve given up on having my own cosy cube but instead make extensive use of working whereever there’s enough space. Also, the desk I used to have wasn’t as crowdy as Al Gore‘s, but then – I try to stick to the following philosophy which I’ve bought as a sticker and put on my old desktop computer:


I consider this the perfect excuse to spend as kidogo time as possiboool in front of this machine that steals my precious time…

In case you’re still reading, consider yourself tagged. ;-)

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at Saniblog.org. You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

9 thoughts on “tagged!”

  1. That AL Gore desk looks like it is fo’ show:-). A photo Op moment…who reads all those books, magazines and has time for making documentaries, be a Vice President and invent the internet! :-)

  2. great desktop, Al Gore’s. @irena – it’s just the books and magazines that he would like to read one day but never does.

  3. @Mzeeshedriki(that is my Kyuk translation: I bet ya on that, he needs to go to the gym me thinks, he has become unconveniently big ” LOL

  4. Dudes! The man is a married mzee – God knows what Tippi puts him through, plus drreee dohthas earned him some mbeca which equaled in a regulaaa supprry of mbuzi choma…hii ni kwasababu his desk is a mess.
    Atiriiri…guess we should tagg him as well, ama?

  5. Jke: Ehh but am sure he would respond with some lame jokes like he usually does , like ” Eh this is former aspiring US president and the desk is not the aspired oval office one” :-) Like now he is ridin high in holiwood,the supply of mbuzi is at all times high..

  6. Dude, I’d say it’s just freaking messy in there, but I shure like those three 23″ apple cinema displays. We’ll if you got it you got it. But three? Gimme a break!

  7. @58: That’s why I refuse to buy apple-products since year one. Apple stuff seems to be a matter of lifestyle, income and design. Technical competence and reliability is just an underpart. Me is not say, it’s worthless, but it is in fkn deed not worth the money they want to have (and get) for their tiny white cr.p!
    So this is for the engineers to come:

    Well, anyway: Didnt’t want to offend iPod owners, but this apple stuff always getrs me excited. Same goes for BMW btw ; )

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