There this particular friend of mine who just loves brushing her teeth. It’s an irony that she only recently received an electronic toothbrush from me when I left my battery powered Braun Oral-B Advance Power 400 with her.

The battery powered solution of course isn’t that environmentally friendly, but it is very convenient when you don’t want to carry the charger with you & with decent batteries and exchangeable brushheads, it does make sense to buy one of these.

And then I came across this battery powered one-way solution today…


..the “Colgate 360° microSonic POWER” one way toothbrush, which comes with an AAA battery and tongue-cleaner on the backside for “just” EUR 5,99.

Ok ok, I *had* to buy it because of reverse engineering reasons (i love this excuse :-), but one-way solutions like this one just make me feel sick. I bet there are quite a few users who would just even dispose this toothbrush after use with the battery included.

Batteries ARE a hazardous substance and must never be part of the domestic waste!

Author: jke

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