I have just taken a 3hrs ride by train only to realize that no one is around. The ladies at the administration office are on holiday – both of them. Well, what a coincidence.

Which gives me some time to read and comment on a few articles. You know there’s this G8 summit taking place on June 6-8 2007 in Heiligendamm, which is Germany’s oldest seaside resort.

I read an interesting comment in Germany’s (left-wing) daily “die tageszeitung” this morning about the summit – heck, there are so many stories on this G8 event alone, and while it remains interesting to ask whether the leaders of 8 economic powers should meet and discuss various topics of interest, the actual debate seems to be on how the State actually excludes it’s citizens, and how democratic rights are waived for dubious security reasons.

This isn’t about a meeting of economic powers anymore, but about democracy and how we are supposed to do something for others if we can’t even demonstrate against such an event. The quality of a democracy clearly shows during such events.

This whole event is one big ******* lie to me.

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