I have just taken a 3hrs ride by train only to rea­li­ze that no one is around. The ladies at the admi­nis­tra­ti­on office are on holi­day — both of them. Well, what a coin­ci­dence.

Which gives me some time to read and com­ment on a few arti­cles. You know the­re’s this G8 sum­mit taking place on June 6–8 2007 in Hei­li­gen­damm, which is Ger­many’s oldest sea­si­de resort.

I read an inte­res­ting com­ment in Ger­many’s (left-wing) dai­ly “die tages­zei­tung” this morning about the sum­mit — heck, the­re are so many sto­ries on this G8 event alo­ne, and while it remains inte­res­ting to ask whe­ther the lea­ders of 8 eco­no­mic powers should meet and dis­cuss various topics of inte­rest, the actu­al deba­te seems to be on how the Sta­te actual­ly exclu­des it’s citi­zens, and how demo­cra­tic rights are wai­ved for dubio­us secu­ri­ty reasons.

This isn’t about a mee­ting of eco­no­mic powers any­mo­re, but about demo­cra­cy and how we are sup­po­sed to do some­thing for others if we can’t even demons­tra­te against such an event. The qua­li­ty of a demo­cra­cy clear­ly shows during such events.

This who­le event is one big ******* lie to me.

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