8 thoughts on “wapi? (part 12)”

  1. Spillway for one of the Seven Forks dams leading into the generation equipment.

    I am not sure which of the forks this particular one is since I have only been to Masinga and Kiambere and I do not remember either of the looking like these pictures but I think that it may be Kiamburu since the reservoir there is pretty big and the other dams are smaller. I think that the reservoirs at the larger dams also have a steeper pitch/drop at the generating equipment.

    The reservoir looks too big for one of the mini-hydros but I could be wrong.

    – Steve

  2. Am the only one **head hung in shame*** that has no idea where that is from looking at the pic only, but if by deductin and GHC courtesy of 844 is correct i agree with Ichiena and Irena its the nearest one to Emebu.

  3. Yep its Masinga Have been there several times but have never been lucky to see it spilling over. Must have been awsome – did you see the crocodiles!!

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