Sunday workers

The real reason why fundis are working on Sunday afternoons is because most customers have worn out cars that require lots of tender/loving/care (TLC) on weekends. :-)

Like mine. Well, “ours”. Ok, Mbuzimoja’s. But I got it for the weekend and took the chance to apply some magic hands on its sexy curves. The car, that is.


The passenger seat had a problem and needed some welding. Since the last repair in October, the interior of this Suzuki Samurai SJ413 has become very familiar, so removing the chair took about 5 minutes. We ended up fixing some other small things as well which required some attention – all these small things you realize once you need them (like the windscreen washer system when it is raining buckets).

Being able to get your car repaired on a Sunday afternoon is just very very convenient, and if you know what you want and need, this is a fast job. Also, it’s just a nice way of getting around and seeing some things that don’t meet the eyes of those who never pay attention to the small things in life.


Pls note those Renaults being serviced. These KXGs & Co (~1986) are now used as Taxis as they are quite durable and still cheap. I saw about six Renault 4 today.


Old but good. Check the gear changer stick going from the middle of the dashboard to the very front of the motor. French cars!


Anyone needs some Kerosene? Get it directly pumped to your plastic bag from the petrol pump INSIDE the buildng!


And this is my favourite. Here in Gachie, there is something like “Pop-In 2.0″. Get your round of Football, GrandPrix, Ninja, Rally, Soldier, GrandTheftAuto, etc. games for Ksh. 10 – 20/= on either on the Playstation or on an XBOX. That map on the wall left to the TV sets actually is from GrandTheftAuto San Andreas. Yeah!

And how did you spend your sunday afternoon?

Author: jke

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3 thoughts on “Sunday workers”

  1. The last two pictures make me think of painting and then more painting. Is paint expensive in Gachie or is it just a lack of inspiration for diy projects?

    And why are the tvs wrapped in khangas/lesos or what is that?

  2. I think they are wrapped to prevent dust from entering. I was really surprised when I went there and found them using a modern Xbox and Playstation while at the same time, pop-in downtown makes a profit by runing those really old machines from the 1980s!

  3. Too late to comment on this one but ati xbox and Playstation= gotta love Kenya, only in Kenya I tell ya!

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