Elungat’s paintings

Commuting between Embu and Nairobi during these hectic weeks at the end of the year 2006 almost made me forget about blogging one fine and important event I came across in Nairobi last weekend.

Kenyan painter Peter Elungat and designer Jutta Guglielmi rented the Exhibition Hall at Village Market – East Africa’s biggest shopping mall – for something like Kshs. 60.000 /= and exhibited their paintings and furnitures there.

I normally don’t like these exhibitions at the Village Market, as most artists these days – to me – just try to copy other artists and styles. Just earlier in december, I saw some fine paintings there that resembled those of Abushariaa Ahmed.
But then, I think art has to be taken where the customers are – and those at the Village Market seem to have enough money in the pocket.

Good art, though, is hard to find. And Peter Elungat’s painting were a refreshing alternative.

Sorry for the poor picture quality – I just had my mobile phone’s cam with me that day. However, I thought about sharing this with you. Also, I just took pictures of the paintings I really liked.


@ 110.000 /= (sold!)


@ 250.000 /= ….yes, Peter, that’s a LOT of money. Still :-)



pls also note the furnitures & lamps by Jutta Guglielmi


The artist himself!

I really really like these paintings and think Peter is one fine artists out there who has reason enough to sell his work at a decent level and to customers who know (feel!) the difference between good and bad paintings.

Also, I am still fighting with the idea of runing a website dedicated to fine arts in East Africa. I’ve mentioned this earlier a few times, and such a project requires some funding / adsense income, but right now I just lack enough time to pursue such activities. Now, how about an open blog where everyone can contribute? Let’s keep this in mind for 2007… (my webserver package only offers two MySQL data bases and I’ve already used the other one for this fine website :-)

The “Transformation of Thoughts into Form” exhibition is open to everyone @ Village Market, Exhibition Hall, 15th – 21st December, 9.30am – 6 pm.
(pieces purchased during the Exhibition will have a 10% discount)

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  1. I just LOVE those paintings…great idea, would be wonderful to have a place on the web to look at all those jewels you have already shared with us and promote them to the world! Plus, I bet you will definetly find more, you seem to have a sensor for breathtaking art…

    thx for sharing :)

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