3 thoughts on “XMAS TIME!”

  1. LOL @ the lonely tiny Xmas tree. Why is it next to water drums??
    Why does the KBW aggregator say this post was reblogged on Dec 31, 1969??

  2. Oh it’s just the backyard – these drums are here all day long. Sijui kwani(ni)?

    The KBW aggreg had had a probl with the date on my blog since it was put up. Mental? Pls, saidia… (==> isn’t it that the 31st dec 1969 is when Unix system started counting the date? => could be that it doesn’t read the time from my blog which is why it is resetted to Zero?)

  3. Probably cleaning up the tree ready for the ‘sikukuu’. :-) Now about those drums….you sure they don’t brew something down there?

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