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==> The Daily Nation has a new layout which looks quite nice. Lots of whitespace for more informations on top (ati, when I rented in 1999, I didn’t know there’s this jamaa by the name of Uhuru Kenyatta becos by that time he was still making love to booze).


Today is WORLD AIDS DAY – and upon arrival at the office, I was given this cap.

Now I don’t know how this cap actually relates to this deadly disease, lakini I am reminded of that HIV/Aids Workshop I participated in earlier this month – and it still showed me that there’s a lot to talk about.

I shall wear it proudly to promote discussions on this important issue. As far as I feel, HIV/Aids isn’t something we can afford to ignore. My thoughts are with those that have lost their friends and family due to this ******* virus. Is there any data out there on the economic damage this has created for the country?

Imagine the amount of ARVs that could have been bought instead of printing such caps.

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  1. The new Nation looks great. WIth all the hype that preceeded the new image it had better be, now, how long will it take them to slip back to the dreary, tired fonts of the previous look?

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