visual roundup

A collection of scenes I’ve caught during the week. Because life is about seeing and sharing. Here you go:


Some dude presenting puppet theatre aka The Muppet Show on Mama Ngina Street in Embu earlier this week. The puppets looked really really strange. Nice!


Isn’t this beautiful? That’s my way to work every morning.


Back in Nbo for an extended weekend, and a quick visit to Nakumatt Village once again shows the huge difference between all these small worlds embedded in this country. There were some news on the Garissa floods again, and they actually showed the very same places I’d been to before one week ago. Strange. You’re standing there in this oversized supermarket and see these places that are in Kenya, but still seem to be worlds away. And there’s a lot one could argue about in terms of deforastation + too much agriculture on the river beds which leads to soil erosion etc etc but then….compare Garissa to Mwingi and you’ll start wondering why money hasn’t solved any problems in one of these two places in the past. And “disaster management” isn’t something one can buy for money only.


“Horny Goat Weed”. Well, DON’T, just don’t even think about asking me how I came across this peculiar trouvaille. The name is quite catchy though. Hehehe…

What’s it with Goats (wabuzi) in this country anyways?? Oh my…


Looks like POLO, by Ralph Lauren. Smells like POLO, by Ralph Lauren.

I had to buy this one, sorry. A price of Ksh 129 /= (compared to ~ Ksh 4.000 /= for the original) is something where my metrosexuality comes out…

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8 thoughts on “visual roundup”

  1. LOL at looks like Polo..smells like Polo and at Kshs 129 vs Kshs 4000!! spoken like a true kiuk!!
    great pictures!!

  2. – Embu’s Mama Ngina St: funny, that scene could be Anytown, U.S.A. — United States of Africa

    – path to work: aahh, Jacaranda leaves are some of my favorite

    – “Horny Goat Weed – As natural as your desire…”

    – NBO market: very sweet photo. your timing was perfect, and observations very relevant

    – Ummm, what is that symbol on the box? Looks like a rabbit coming out of a horse’s ass

  3. @Mr Metrosexual -“Horny Goat Weed”. -This is pretty hilarious!!!tsktsk….Viagra for goats on the move too:-)

  4. I wonder where i look when I am in supermarkets. You seem to find the darndest things! Hilarious. Horny, Goat and Weed on one label? Hmmm…

    And about the news item. I saw a suzuki in that clip that looked quite like yours. Were you on making a U turn on the bridge while the news crew were filming?

  5. @E-Nyce: yeah, funny pic, eh? That’s actually the back of a horse.
    @aegeus: No, but I was there when they filmed from the bridge. I don’t have this Suzuki any longer, I travel by Matatu these days. But it’s good because u get to see a lot!

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