le fabuleux destin….

Kikuyumoja’s Realm, my blog, has in the past greatly been influenced by this particular love of one fine woman out there: Mbuzimoja.
A great deal of this passion included the frequent and very intensive exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings and findings. It were these things that made this relationship so very special and different from others.


Mbuzimoja, that little goat from the slopes of Kikwaru, is with another herdsman now, who btw also blogs. And although I don’t know much about him, I tend to respect and trust him, and I think she’s in good hands.

I haven’t been blogging anything lately – but not because there wasn’t anything to write about. Instead, it’s this joy of sharing my worlds with others that has somehow vanished. A joy that had been nutured by intellectual, creative and interesting input from those that inspired me the most.

Love sure is the driving force behind many actions in my life. The difficulty is to keep on doing things once these driving forces have changed their directions.

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