How to…make a saltshaker….

..out of an old bottle (when there’s a power failure and only candles to illuminate the room):


1. take a used bottle & cut it into three pieces. throw away the middle part.


2. drill some holes into the lid with the knife of your choice


3. fill it up with some salt…


4. add rice to avoid moisture within the salt…


5. close the shaker by fixing the bottom piece of the bottle


6. ready! (you may want to add some adhesive tape to enhance stability)

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

9 thoughts on “How to…make a saltshaker….”

  1. What’s next? Maybe a candoool holdaaa.

    Quencher? Just two bottles. Two. Let’s see what kind of sweet softdrinks you’ll be having in India. Hehe…

  2. Jua kali almost for its own sake – am impressed. Do you have Swabian ancestors, perchance?

    But seriously, pal, what are you doing in Embu? I might be there myself in a month or so, to visit friends in shags further up, and I just wonder what wave of fortune has swept you there. You never explained it on your blog, so you may forgive my curiosity.

    PS: You’ll be amused (or already) have been about the many nice gaffes and misunderstandings, some cutely semi-obscene, that a Kikuyu speaker is able to produce when aced with a Kiembu-understanding environment. Two tribes separated by the same language… *chuckle*

    Best regards,

  3. @KM: LOL! Sure! You need to have anything repaired? Weka ile…

    @Osas: I am doing an internship in Embu with the Water Resources Management Authority ( until the end of this year or maybe even longer. Let’s see…

  4. Your blogs are so funny and refreshingly innovative. But I wonder, why do you have Cussons on your kitchen sink?

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