Lung Tonic

I caught a cold earlier this week and killed it with some Panadol Coldcap. To fight the upcoming cough, I bought “Good Morning – Lung Tonic”.

“Good Morning Lung Tonic is (a) greyish brown Syrup – dawa ya kuponyesha kukohoa, makamasi, maumivu ya kifua na kadhalika. Each 5ml contains: Tolu Solutionn BPC 0.56ml, Capsicum Tinc BPC 0.25ml, Creosote BPC59 66.65mg, Anise Oil BP 13.89mg and Liquorice BPC 25.00mg.”

Liquorice, yeah! Lakini….

Dear Parents,

please please please NEVER ever think about buying “Good Morning – Lung Tonic” for your children. Your children would otherwise instantly hate you for the rest of your life.

Verdict: -4 out of 10 points, but only since it only costs 55 bob which is ok for medicine.

Author: jke

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6 thoughts on “Lung Tonic”

  1. Cut 2 big onions, quarter them and put them together with 3-4 spoons of sugar in 1,5l water. cook the funny mixure for about 20 minutes. drink a cup of the juice (still warm) every day.

    my grandma says it works!

  2. Omg that tonic was lethal!!!!..LOL but if I were to substitute that for the mild cough syrup in the USA, well I would go for the good morning, one table spoon and “inatoa kikohozi yote :-)

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