4g4d g4m3rz k1ck1n 4ss…

You think you’ve seen it all? You think nothing can shock you anymore?

Well, I just switched on my tv (tv-card) for 2 minutes and saw this report on grandparents in the US and Germany who actively play video games on their computers and playstations.

Old Grandma Hardcore & some of her german fans.

I do have an aunt who still writes e-mails despite of her advanced age (~75), however, I think she would *NEVER* even think about wasting her precious time in front of video games. Or? Hmm…. (I am not sure about this anymore…).

Author: jke

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One thought on “4g4d g4m3rz k1ck1n 4ss…”

  1. Good on your Aunt.

    If there is one thing to be said about the internet and technology in the 21st century is that it has allowed many people to do things and take part in many events that past societies may have excluded them from. People like Grandma Hardcore and the UK’s own youtube celeb Geriatric1927 are just a few examples

    My cucu sends text messages on a regular basis and has been known to get very addicted to those handheld games.

    I hope that when I get to the ages of akina cucu I am still blogging and commenting all over the blogosphere.

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