10 years

The other day, while looking for a local music cd in Kenya, I was offered LOTS of video CDs. Video – as in Multimedia.


And while I remember how crazy I went in 1996 for anything multimedia and ripping boring multimedia content from CDs just because I couldn’t imagine that it was possible to watch moving pictures on a computer, the idea of watching videos has just bored me lately.
In fact, I even sold my portable video/audio player and hardly ever watch tv/videos/movies etc these days. It’s not that I don’t like it but instead time is too valuable. And I know a lot of ppl feel this way.

What I find interesting, though: real freedom (uhuru) comes with a mobile computer and time to relax, enjoy and surf or even blog. And while this is just very normal for some ppl out there, for me it’s still a maximum pleasure and I enjoy it just as much as these video cds in 1996.

Talking about 1996: it has been exactly 10 years now that I’ve switched from Atari TOS to MS-Windows. Except for the multimedia benefit, I am still lookfing for the reason why I switched back then. Note: I am at this internet café right now and out of 7 surfers, 2 are using an Apple MacBook / alternative OS.

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