morituri te salutant…

Wit­hin a time span of about 1–2 days, the­se litt­le crea­tures mana­ged to eat the best part of the flowers on my bal­co­ny. I am not amused.

To empha­si­ze the demo­cra­tic cha­rac­ter of the Inter­net, plea­se feel free to drop in your comments on what I am sup­po­sed to with them now. I “saved” them in a jar and so far could­n’t sett­le on the most per­fect man­ner of death.


Just as much as I appre­cia­te the wis­hes of the majo­ri­ty of comments on this mat­ter so far — fry­ing the­se litt­le dudus in oil and ther­eby achie­ving a balan­ced diet — I actual­ly “for­got” (hehe) to put holes in the jar. As a con­se­quence of this, 3 out of 4 dudus com­mi­ted collec­ti­ve sui­ci­de and No. 4 was saved the fol­lowing day by remo­ving the cover. To reward his (her?) cou­ra­ge­ous com­mit­ment to face any uncer­tain tor­tu­re, I added a let­tuce leaf into the jar and now, after ano­t­her day, this is what I’ve found:


Natu­re is very mys­te­rious, I think. Let’s wait and see what hap­pens now…

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