morituri te salutant…

Within a time span of about 1-2 days, these little creatures managed to eat the best part of the flowers on my balcony. I am not amused.

To emphasize the democratic character of the Internet, please feel free to drop in your comments on what I am supposed to with them now. I “saved” them in a jar and so far couldn’t settle on the most perfect manner of death.


Just as much as I appreciate the wishes of the majority of comments on this matter so far – frying these little dudus in oil and thereby achieving a balanced diet – I actually “forgot” (hehe) to put holes in the jar. As a consequence of this, 3 out of 4 dudus commited collective suicide and No. 4 was saved the following day by removing the cover. To reward his (her?) courageous commitment to face any uncertain torture, I added a lettuce leaf into the jar and now, after another day, this is what I’ve found:


Nature is very mysterious, I think. Let’s wait and see what happens now…

Author: jke

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10 thoughts on “morituri te salutant…”

  1. Attack of the cycle of life – them ugly looking critters might just grow up to become beautiful butterflies -me – I would personally squash them – lakini that’s me!!)

  2. set them free, set them free! far away from your plants of course.

    then again, they could show up again so just kill them. someone somewhere will be thankful.

  3. Saute in extra virgin olive oil until golden-brown.
    Garnish with fresh rosemary sprigs and, since it probably tastes like chicken, serve with white wine.

  4. give them a space to live and feed on- they will love it and keep away from your plants! I tried it wirh snails and it works :)
    live and let live

  5. OMG!how cruel@whisperinn, M & Pole…. :-)
    @Jke: Set them free! Live and let live!!! Although I’m scared to death of such …Jah, I know I’m a chags girl but ooee!! I have goose bumps just looking at them ….

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