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Well, talking about display protection foils in my previous post, I thought about trying some non-destructive methods on my own book – also with the intention to create something dead simple, low cost and easy-to-rebuild for anyone interested. After all, what I was looking for is a simple solution to an existing problem.

the following mod is VERY jua kali and is for demonstration purposes only!

I first tried to use a rather huge sticker I’ve found in one of my drawers (btw, THX DED!) to “mold” the frame…


Cutting and folding this one requires decent tools and lots of patience and the right adhesive on the sticker. So I skipped it and used normal fabric tape to make the frame in which the simple cover is supposed to glide around.




Obviously, this is just a demonstration to show you what I meant in my previous post. Something that protects the screen when the notebook is closed, and what is stored away – but not completely removed! – when the screen is in use.

I was looking for a stronger material/foil/paper that could be flexible enough to move around the edges of the screen and ended up using some pages from a brochure on water problems (~maji ni maisha).
Now, this is the sweet part of the whole idea: ADVERTISEMENT! Companies could print their ads on this and give it away for free + a detailed installation instruction.
Maybe instead of glueing this onto the display frame, it could just as well be some sort of silicone skin which would then be pulled over the display and add a protective and moveable shield (and yes, we’re not talking about BestSkinEver bubudius or 3M® Vikuiti display protection). Just a fast and simple add-on for the 2nd most important user-interface (next to the keyboard) on a computer: the display.

Or as Hash normally puts it with his Web 2.0 recommendations:
“It’s fast, it’s simple, it wins. Try it!” :-)

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