What’s the difference between hardware manufacturers and hardware buyers?
The latter ones aren’t getting paid for having good ideas and will be shocked by the amount of time and energy it takes to get things into production. So what else can you do if you want to see good imagineering? Buy an Apple MacBook (the magnetic power cord – brilliant idea!), watch old MacGyver and/or blog about it…

When I received my new notebook, I found this plastic film/foil in between the keyboard and the display to protect the display from any scratches. Hmm….there are many many notebooks out there that have display problems – unless it’s a ThinkPad, there will almost always be some space left in between the display and the keyboard when you close it. Space where dust and other unwanted objects enter. Stuff that ruins your display in the long run. So, what to do against it?


I just taped the foil on one side of the screen so that it doesn’t get lost and can be removed while in use, but is back in place when the machine is closed. Now, this solution looks pretty much jua kali and just serves to illustrate the function of such a protective foil. I would like to have such an extra cover for the screen that protects it while the machine isn’t in use, and is invisible when it’s on. The solution?

A “pull-up curtain”, as I call it. Some sort of small jalousie / blind that rolls up INSIDE and at the side of the display frame, and can be pulled out either from the side or top of the frame to protect the screen. Attachment could either be done by Velcro® or maybe a very thin magnetic piece of metal. Obviously, the magnetic cover should be located away from the hdd.

What do you think – would it be possible to create something like that? (=> I urgently *need* to get my hands on an empty display frame to try this out :-)

Talking about portable computers – compared to performance improvements, there hasn’t been as much improvements on the notebook designs and making them even more transportable. Cool ideas and well designed gimmicks are hard to find or limited to special machines (=> e.g. Apple MacBook). Why?

Author: jke

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