Wha­t’s the dif­fe­rence bet­ween hard­ware manu­fac­tu­rers and hard­ware buyers?
The lat­ter ones aren’t get­ting paid for having good ide­as and will be sho­cked by the amount of time and ener­gy it takes to get things into pro­duc­tion. So what else can you do if you want to see good ima­gi­nee­ring? Buy an Apple Mac­Book (the magne­tic power cord — bril­li­ant idea!), watch old Mac­Gy­ver and/or blog about it…

When I recei­ved my new note­book, I found this plastic film/foil in bet­ween the key­board and the dis­play to pro­tect the dis­play from any scrat­ches. Hmm.…there are many many note­books out the­re that have dis­play pro­blems — unless it’s a Think­Pad, the­re will almost always be some space left in bet­ween the dis­play and the key­board when you clo­se it. Space whe­re dust and other unwan­ted objects enter. Stuff that ruins your dis­play in the long run. So, what to do against it?


I just taped the foil on one side of the screen so that it does­n’t get lost and can be remo­ved while in use, but is back in place when the machi­ne is clo­sed. Now, this solu­ti­on loo­ks pret­ty much jua kali and just ser­ves to illus­tra­te the func­tion of such a pro­tec­ti­ve foil. I would like to have such an extra cover for the screen that pro­tects it while the machi­ne isn’t in use, and is invi­si­ble when it’s on. The solution?

A “pull-up curtain”, as I call it. Some sort of small jalou­sie / blind that rolls up INSIDE and at the side of the dis­play frame, and can be pul­led out eit­her from the side or top of the frame to pro­tect the screen. Attach­ment could eit­her be done by Vel­cro® or may­be a very thin magne­tic pie­ce of metal. Obvious­ly, the magne­tic cover should be loca­ted away from the hdd.

What do you think — would it be pos­si­ble to crea­te some­thing like that? (=> I urgent­ly *need* to get my hands on an empty dis­play frame to try this out :-)

Tal­king about por­ta­ble com­pu­ters — com­pa­red to per­for­mance impro­ve­ments, the­re has­n’t been as much impro­ve­ments on the note­book designs and making them even more trans­por­ta­ble. Cool ide­as and well desi­gned gim­micks are hard to find or limi­ted to spe­cial machi­nes (=> e.g. Apple Mac­Book). Why?

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