Krustowski’s Realm…

Armin “Krustowski”, a dear friend of mine who was seperated at birth from his twin brother Al Yankovic, recently moved to Moscow where he works as a supervising engineer (read: messenger job) at a construction site for a German company and recently starting blogging…
Armin complained that there’s no Dönerbude in Moscow (a food stall where they sell turkish döner kebap) – but found some turkish workers on the construction site roasting their own meat for lunchtime.

Nyama choma is soooo cosmopolitan! :-)

Author: jke

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One thought on “Krustowski’s Realm…”

  1. thank you, kiku

    that you blogged me in yours. I hope, that i can give a few moments from a foreign country, i mean RUSSIA. its a very different place. in moskow drive so many most expensive german cars, that normaly germans never cant buy. i living in an hood, there every day standing more then 10 Mercedes S500 in the streets.

    thank you again. i will proceed , so i hope, my blog

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