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The sheer joy of working on a clear, bright, sharp and detailed new TFT flatscreen display instead of an old, blurry, huge, (though also relatively flat) CRT monitor (that heated up the room and blocked 1/3 of my door-turned-table) made me reconsider some minor changes on this blog and, in particular, the sidebar on the right side.

In other words: I’ve added mbecasense to my blog in form of Google’s AdSense programme. And of course I would like you to kindly take notice of that change so that I can soon afford the annual membership for Muthaiga Country Club will get a paycheck like Bankelele which will help me buy even more Tusker & mbuzi choma. But this article says “Don’t ask others to click on Google ads”. So, I never told you.

You can send me money, though. ^^

Since about 59% of my visitors still use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (MSIE) as their standard browser, I’ve also added this “Get Firefox with Google Toolbar” ad which should encourage MSIE users to eventually switch to the better alternative.

Now, when we look at the results of the (relatively simpooool) javascript that generates the ads, we get something like this for each browser:

Safari // Opera 9 // Firefox 1.5 // MSIE 6.0


So, why does that image thing only work with MSIE?
Another thing is that some links ARE indeed interesting despite of their advertising character. Being forced NOT to click on ads in my own blog (not for cheating but because I am attracted by their content!) makes me wonder…Google, please, how do you explain this to your paying customers?
The reason for implementing GoogleAdSense isn’t of course the paycheck only (which would require me to implement this much better, like Mental does on his blog / ~ in between the posts or even on single posts) but the interesting ad-content which will be associated with my website.
However, I think Google AdSense really makes sense if implemented wisely and is way much better than those nagging pop-ups we had back in the days as well as modern popunders, flashlayers, streaming ads, intertistials, splitscreens, superfx and so on… If this thing works out and Google doesn’t kick me out for any strange reasons, I will try to implement more ads in between the posts as my template provides enough room for those.

AOB: Talking of browsers, I just installed the Opera Mini™ 2.0 browser on my Nokia 6230 and…it works! 94kb of good software that ad real value to this gadget…

Author: jke

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2 thoughts on “Google AdSense”

  1. hi juergen,

    hab jetzt ein diensthandy, ein Siemens C72, das geht eigendlich. hat aber kein bluetooth und nur 10 mb speicher.
    mal schauen ob ich das tunen kann, bringe mal in erfahrung wie ich das handz entsperren kann bzw die ganze bunte scheisse loeschen kann. ich will eigene toene und bootsequenz insten.

    waere schoen, wenn du darauf antwortest.
    cooler TFT, cu

  2. Einfach mal danach googlen oder bei schauen….aber in Moskau bist Du doch eigentlich schon genau richtig was das Entsperren von Handies betrifft…

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