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The sheer joy of working on a clear, bright, sharp and detail­ed new TFT flat­s­creen dis­play ins­tead of an old, blur­ry, huge, (though also rela­tively flat) CRT moni­tor (that hea­ted up the room and blo­cked 1/3 of my door-tur­ned-table) made me recon­si­der some minor chan­ges on this blog and, in par­ti­cu­lar, the side­bar on the right side.

In other words: I’ve added mbe­casen­se to my blog in form of Goog­le’s AdSen­se pro­gram­me. And of cour­se I would like you to kind­ly take noti­ce of that chan­ge so that I can soon afford the annu­al mem­bers­hip for Mut­hai­ga Coun­try Club will get a paycheck like Ban­kele­le which will help me buy even more Tus­ker & mbu­zi cho­ma. But this arti­cle says “Don’t ask others to click on Goog­le ads”. So, I never told you.

You can send me money, though. ^^

Sin­ce about 59% of my visi­tors still use Micro­sof­t’s Inter­net Explo­rer (MSIE) as their stan­dard brow­ser, I’ve also added this “Get Fire­fox with Goog­le Tool­bar” ad which should encou­ra­ge MSIE users to even­tual­ly switch to the bet­ter alternative.

Now, when we look at the results of the (rela­tively sim­pooool) java­script that gene­ra­tes the ads, we get some­thing like this for each browser:

Safa­ri // Ope­ra 9 // Fire­fox 1.5 // MSIE 6.0


So, why does that image thing only work with MSIE?
Ano­t­her thing is that some links ARE inde­ed inte­res­ting des­pi­te of their adver­ti­sing cha­rac­ter. Being for­ced NOT to click on ads in my own blog (not for chea­ting but becau­se I am attrac­ted by their con­tent!) makes me wonder…Google, plea­se, how do you exp­lain this to your paying customers?
The rea­son for imple­men­ting Goo­g­leAd­Sen­se isn’t of cour­se the paycheck only (which would requi­re me to imple­ment this much bet­ter, like Men­tal does on his blog / ~ in bet­ween the posts or even on sin­gle posts) but the inte­res­ting ad-con­tent which will be asso­cia­ted with my website.
Howe­ver, I think Goog­le AdSen­se real­ly makes sen­se if imple­men­ted wise­ly and is way much bet­ter than tho­se nag­ging pop-ups we had back in the days as well as modern popun­ders, flash­lay­ers, strea­ming ads, inter­tis­ti­als, split­screens, super­fx and so on… If this thing works out and Goog­le does­n’t kick me out for any stran­ge rea­sons, I will try to imple­ment more ads in bet­ween the posts as my tem­pla­te pro­vi­des enough room for those.

AOB: Tal­king of brow­sers, I just instal­led the Ope­ra Mini™ 2.0 brow­ser on my Nokia 6230 and…it works! 94kb of good soft­ware that ad real value to this gadget…

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