Baobab Family Project

Ich muss das jetzt ein­fach mal pos­ten hier.… ein Video­mit­schnitt der ARTE Tracks Sen­dung vom 06. April 2006 über das Bao­bab Fami­ly Pro­ject in Mom­ba­sa, Kenia, wel­ches im April bei hoch­ge­la­den wurde.

This video is about the Bao­bab Fami­ly Pro­ject in Mom­ba­sa, Kenya, someo­ne recor­ded from the french/german tv chan­nel ARTE and uploa­ded to You­Tube. Andre­as Trie­bel, the foun­der of this NGO at the coast, came to Kenya the other day, fell in love with the coun­try and its peop­le and saw a need to actual­ly do some­ting about the­se many orphans and homeless young mothers. He con­se­quent­ly inves­ted all his money and built a child­ren’s home that aims to give the child­ren a per­spec­ti­ve, shel­ter and lots of love. Kudos and respect to him for this gre­at task!

The rea­sons I pos­ted this here is becau­se a) Jah­cous­tix, one of the musi­ci­ans in the video who con­tri­bu­t­ed his ear­nings of a con­cert in Bre­men ear­lier this year to the Bao­bab Fami­ly Pro­ject, is an old friend with whom we have been schoo­ling back in the days, b) I would like to see even MORE of the­se pro­jects being pul­led up by ordi­na­ry wanain­chii who could equal­ly crea­te some­thing like this (just think of Wanga­ri — a lone­so­me figh­ter during all tho­se years) and c) I would still like to see the GoK ease up their dai­ly bureau­cra­tic hass­le of NGOs and their work.
While I agree that some NGOs are hea­vi­ly over­fun­ded and was­ting a lot of mbe­ca on over­head expen­ses (which has spoilt the gene­ral opi­ni­on on their work), others are struggling hard to be ack­now­le­ged for their work and are doing this pure­ly on huma­ni­ta­ri­an grounds without asking for any allo­wan­ces or the typi­cal “wha­t’s in it for me?” ques­ti­ons (and you know I could end­less­ly ela­bo­ra­te rant on this inheri­ted cul­tu­ral phe­no­me­non whe­re peop­le put “money first, work later” and wealth-accu­mu­la­ting-sche­mes in the fore­ground which is SO coun­ter­pro­duc­ti­ve for the mutu­al growth of a nati­on… just like tho­se Agwam­bos tal­king poli­tics on Masha­da & Co. — what a was­te of intel­lec­tu­al capacity!).

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