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“A selection of useful trees and shrubs for Kenya / Notes on their identification, propagation and managament for use by agricultural and pastoral communities”, International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF), Nairobi, 1992;
ISBN 92 9059 096 3

=> sabuni…. (~ think of FightClub :-D)

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4 thoughts on “kibaazi”

  1. Waoh, Thank you so much Jke,.This, I gotta explore and read some more. My organic self is beaming just seeing this. I have not thought of exploring ICRAF and now I will. Herbal anything BTW is becoming very common in this neck of the wood and hey my kikuyu eye is seeing $$ and thinking how to cash in while it is HOT :-)

    Now about the Sabuni, I’m yet to go the ka shop in DC that sell LUSH.Haiya that biashara is still in my head lakini I hear Kenyans these days are into Gels…lakini there got to be some die hards out there for Bar soap.

  2. Oh I am sure it is just a matter of marketing when it comes to sell bars instead of liquids.

    What about that herbal garden in Naivasha run by that Lady from the Lake? @Tembolady/Jacarandahoney, ati what’s your take on this?

    I would LOVE to cash in on this herbal thing as well.

  3. I love your blog because it’s so joyful!

    This resource is not something I actually have, but will recommend it anyway.

    A US seed house is J. L. Hudson, Seedsman. The US has recent darconian laws about seeds, many more sources in Europe and Canada. J.L. Hudson describes itself as “A public access seed bank.” Very useful for finding species varieties and old hybrids here in the USA. They also have a selection of books and xerographic reprints.

    Among the reprints is “The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa” J.M. Dalziel, 1937 612pp.

    Hudson’s catalog is still $1.00

    J.L. Hudson, Seedsman
    Star Route 2, Box 337
    Lh Honda, CA 94020 USA (be sure to use the zip code as the PO is doing away with the box numbers soon)

  4. Oh Jacarandahoney lady.Mimi I ‘m not sure I know her but let me make it my business now to know her .As an inspiring business woman = know your competition:-) I will beback with that comment.

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