The sun eventually decided to start (the) spring season (in May!) and blessed us with this kind of weather today:

(…while Nairobi is blessed with rain, rain, rain, rain and rain? Haiiyaaa..)

Which reminded me of a solar panel my mzee bought for me way back in 1989. Back in those days, there was a shop on solar and other alternative energies next to his place of work – so whenever I visited him @work, I spent hours in this shop admiring all these “new” technologies.
My father, knowing that I would one day end up doing something fundi-styled, put his hands deep into his pocket and coughed up this really high-tech (=> 1989!) monocrystaline solar panel for me which delivers 8V and a current of 165mA.


And yes, children LOVE “solar models” :-)

Author: jke

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