Thank you very much for the nomination – although I have to admit I didn’t nominate anyone due to the reason that I am such a lazy bone. Ati, but I will vote! Makes me think of blogging in other languages more often. Oar määibii Ei schuutt sstahrt wraiting in mai gährmaahn iinglisch – orr iss it zzhäät ppiiippppooool priifäär Kenyan English? You know, these words like “particcculaaar”, “wherrrebyyy”, “supposed to”, “he/she said that” etc which we often find on the streets of Nbo?
Kudos to the KBW team for coming up with such a brilliant idea to promote the Kenyan Blogosphere!

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at Saniblog.org. You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

7 thoughts on “kaybees2006”

  1. congratulations! To me this site is staple brain food- it captures all senses, lingual, visual, intellectual plus the humor tickles my belly :) …to sum it up, it gives me the feel of: “One world!”

    and the winner is….!

    You have my vote :)

  2. JKE – Congratulations – I hear you on procrastinating – I gave my nominations with hardly an hour to spare till the deadline (and I voted for you *pouting*

  3. THX everyone! I am still a bit amused on this nomination – you know, not that I’ve always only been using English as the main language, but still, I guess it is the KBW way of telling me that I am still an alien to some extent.

  4. Ha! How can you be nominated in foreign language category when you are the only one or Swahili and Kikuyu blogs are foreign too:-))) Where is Hash = American White African. His American English is foreign too no? Just asking :-). I should vote now!!

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